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Mutual funds

When you want to save money and grow your wealth, there are a plethora of options available in the market. Where there are many options, mutual funds stand apart in the market. Mutual is an investment mechanism where your investments are managed by professional and well-talented team of fund managers who are constantly supported by a thorough and dedicated research team.

There are many agents in the market who can offer you advice on which mutual fund to choose and which one to drop. But the question is which agent to choose and which to drop. Investing in mutual funds through our dedicated team at R. C. Shah and Co. is a different experience all together. Our team of professionals study your requirements thoroughly and start from scratch.

Mutual Funds

Suggesting the right scheme

In India, there is a lot of unknown about mutual funds. Are mutual funds the kind of investment one should do? Are the risks known and calculated?

We help you answer all the ambiguities around mutual funds, give you the right advice on which mutual fund is right for you and help you in proper risk mitigation. We do the job for you in a simple manner by answering all your questions about mutual funds.

Our team of professionals sit with you to understand your investment scheme and walk you through different types of mutual funds:

Open-ended mutual fund: one that is available for subscription and is available for redemption on a regular basis. These funds do not come with a fixed maturity date. Ideal for individuals and investors looking to maintain a liquid portfolio, open-ended mutual funds are the most popular in India.

Close-ended mutual fund: one that has a defined maturity period. One can subscribe to these kinds of funds for a specific period of time.

Interval mutual fund: one that is an amalgamation of both closed-ended and open-ended mutual fund.

Based on what your investment objective is, what your investment period looks like and what kind of portfolio you would like to maintain, we will closely choose the right mutual fund for you and help you all along the journey.

We give you the right information on different types of mutual funds and help you choose the one that best meets your investment needs. Keeping this in mind, we have a rich clientele where investors started with a few thousand every month and have a current portfolio that is running into multiple lacs.

AT R C Shah and Co., our years of experience have helped us master the route to wealth creation through thoughtful, systematic and strategic investment. When we work with you, we pass on this wealth of experience and a dedicated team to you to help you carve that perfect path to wealth creation. Besides advice, regular support and expert opinion, we also help you with regular monitoring of your investment portfolio. We have dedicated relationship managers that help you on your journey and give you the right advice on every stage to get the most out of your investment portfolio.

Knowing more about mutual funds

As said earlier, mutual funds have existed for a very long time but there are still a lot of question you may have around how they work and how to best work with them.

If you have started to think about investing in a mutual fund, but not sure which one to choose, you have come to the right partner. We help you better shape your investment goals and help you invest your money in the best direction. Whether you desire long-term capital gains or are interested in current income returns, we do the job for you and help you choose the right mutual fund that will help you reap the right benefits all along the journey.

We not only help you get the knowledge on the right type of mutual funds, we also help you understand how mutual funds make money by charging its investors various fees. Proper understanding of the fee structure that relates to mutual funds is essential in maintaining a great investment portfolio. In R C Shah and Co., you can rely on us to give you all the knowledge on the fee structure and what fees can apply to you when you plan to purchase an investment.

With the professional, dedicated and experienced team at R C Shah and Co., we have the right blend to help you in your mutual fund journey and give you a great investment portfolio. Not just this, we also guide you in evaluating the past records of mutual funds and study their results to understand how volatile it can be and how it has performed in the past with market fluctuations. Looking for investment trends in the market is another angle to look for. So when there’s so much to understand before making a decision, you need a strategic partner to do the job for you. This is where R C Shah and Co. helps.

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